Teppanyaki and Japanese Cuisine

At Benihana Singapore, it’s not just a meal, it’s an experience.


The Restaurant

The renowned restaurant chain presents a blend of exquisite Japanese cuisine and teppanyaki cooking, showcasing Japanese-inspired dishes, all expertly crafted and served with flair on a sizzling teppan grill. The restaurant also boasts a bar offering handcrafted cocktails, sake, and a curated array of fine wines. It is the destination to unwind and indulge to your heart’s content.

One-of-a-kind experience. Whether for a momentous occasion or a casual outing, Benihana Singapore promises an unparalleled experience that redefines dining, transcends boundaries, and ignites the senses.

Restaurant A la Carte Table

The Space

Benihana Singapore exudes a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere from the moment diners step foot into the restaurant. The space greets you with immersive design elements, combining subdued lighting, natural materials like stone and wood, along with cosy textures. This unique blend creates an inviting ambiance that harmoniously merges delectable flavours with groovy beats.

Within this 78-seat establishment, a tapestry of experiences unfolds across four distinct spaces. The 11-seater Chef’s Table provides a captivating live teppanyaki showcase, while the 6-seater private Chef’s Table sets the stage for an intimate and interactive dining encounter. The Main Dining area boasts a modern, stylish setting where an à la carte menu and executive lunch sets take center stage. For those seeking a more laid-back ambiance, the bar counter beckons, promising a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Our Menu

Embark on a culinary journey filled with a symphony of Japanese-inspired dishes, encompassing an array of flavours from sizzling teppanyaki delights to delectable rice and noodle creations. Our chefs craft each dish with precision on our lively teppan grill, while also offering the finest rolls that will transport your taste buds to Japan’s coastal treasures, right at your table.


Gindara Misozuke Yaki Teishoku


Signature Rolls