Onion Soup Pouring

Kaiseki Course

The luxurious Kaiseki menu unveils a medley of a pristine ingredients, meticulously curated by our iconic red-hatted chefs. These culinary maestros adeptly orchestrate the preparation of each dish, enhancing the aromas as they seamlessly incorporate pyrotechnics into select dishes. Join us for a Japanese culinary odyssey that promises an enchanted exploration of tantalizing flavours and texture.

Beef Teppanyaki Set

Á La Carte

For those seeking an alternative to the teppanyaki experience, our diverse culinary offerings cater to every palate through our comprehensive à la carte menu. This menu showcases a captivating array of options, ensuring that all diners’ preferences are met with the utmost satisfaction.

Step into a realm of flavours with our robatayaki selection, delight in the elegance of signature rolls, or revel in the comfort of rice and noodles. Each dish carries the essence of Benihana’s dedication to culinary excellence.

Our Menu

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