About Us

Benihana Restaurant

Benihana Story

Benihana’s origins trace back to Japan, where Yunosuke Aoki and his wife, Katsu, who initially ran a coffee shop that eventually evolve into a full-fledged restaurant. Building upon his father’s principles, their eldest son, Rocky Aoki, melded the concept with a vision for an exceptional dining encounter. In 1964, he opened the first Benihana restaurant on New York’s West 56th street.

Benihana introduced the revolutionary concept of chefs skillfully preparing meals on steel teppanyaki grilles right before the customers’ eyes. This innovative blend of Japanese cuisine and entertainment marked the beginning of Benihana’s unique dining experience, pioneered by Rocky Aoki’s journey from a samurai descendant and Olympic wrestler to a visionary in the culinary world.

Our Logo

The restaurant’s name, “Benihana,” derived from the sight of red safflowers in the neighborhood, translating to “red” (beni) and “flower” (hana).